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Deputy Prime Minister, Nationals’ Leader and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack has announced the Women in Aviation Initiative aimed at encouraging more women to pursue careers in all elements of the aviation sector. The Initiative includes a $4 million investment from the Federal Government, to assist grassroots organisations who are actively running programs to engage with girls and women across the country to better understand the wonderful career opportunities of the aviation sector.

"Industry and aviation training institutions are already doing some great work in this space, but I am proud this investment from the Liberal and Nationals’ Government will be a major boost to reach more women – no matter their age or location to consider a career in aviation, particularly women in the regions."

- Michael McCormack MP

The initiative will be informed by industry experts working to promote greater aviation sector diversity and enhanced equality by addressing a gender gap in industry careers.






We must utilise this talent

A 1% increase in people choosing a STEM-related career could result in over 50 billion dollars in revenue for the Australian economy.


Research shows that children as young as FIVE YEARS OLD have FORMED STEREOTYPES: It is imperative that we promote visibility of women in STEM roles in infancy.


Aerospace Engineers are in high demand in the STEM sector.

(Credit: Shafeen Mustaq, EY)

In 2018, around 6% of licenced pilots were female (the figure being around the same in Australia as it is in the USA) with around four per cent of airline pilots, worldwide, being women.

Women represent about 20% the overall aviation workforce. This is significantly lower than the 46% share of female employment generally observed across all industries in Australia. The 20% figure is largely driven by the significantly higher number of female workers in the Flight Attendant occupation, as women make up less than 10% of the employed workforce in most other specialist aviation occupations

The majority (53%) of aviation workers hold a vocational education qualification as their highest level of study, compared with 29% for the overall Australian working population. In contrast, only 27%of the aviation workforce holds no post-high school qualifications, compared with 40% for the overall Australian working population.

There was an annual growth rate of 2.2% over the period 2010-15 for female pilots, which far exceeded the almost static 0.01% annual rate among males. There is a clear reduction in females in the pilot workforce as the licence increases in seniority, with most annual gains since 2010 restricted to lower classifications of licence.



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Women in Aviation International, Australian Chapter was established to provide a national platform that represents all facets of the aviation and aerospace industry with the aim of engaging and inspiring the next generation of aerospace leaders. WAI is dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation and aerospace career fields and interests.


Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia (WA/AA) is an initiative to promote the issue of gender diversity and the participation of women within the aviation and aerospace sector in Australia and a network for women to connect with industry peers, inspire future generations to join the industry, and excel in their chosen careers.



Credit: Boeing Defence Australia prepared for Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia 2018


In 2020, the Government will continue to support key events to promote key messages and themes around the career opportunities for women in aviation.

  • The national roadshow of aviation-specific careers events, announced by the Deputy Prime Minister last November, will roll out across capital cities and regional centres.

  • There will be a significant presence at several major high school careers days that attract thousands of students.

  • Collaborations will continue with several stakeholders already active in promoting aviation careers to women.

  • Online resources, greater industry involvement and a presence at a large number of aviation-related events will be developed across the next two years of the Initiative.


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